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Petra is in a serious “book” phase right now. I couldn’t be happier, because, well, I kind of like books. A lot. So much. More than people.


I don’t remember Silas really pretending to read, but Petra does it all the time. She just jabbers nonsense, and it is SO CUTE.

One day, Silas decided they were going to play school. Petra had to be the teacher. He gave her a book and sat down, and she read to him, just like story time at the library.


This face is why I couldn’t get a video. She doesn’t get why I think it’s so funny that she will read to herself for quite a long time. I guess she understands what she’s saying.


I get nearly nothing done, ever, because Petra wants to read all the time. I guess this is better than when she wants to scream all the time, but, seriously, I’ve read five books so far this year (I mentioned this to a friend, and she said, “Wow, that’s great!”…then I told her that I read over 60 the year before Silas was born…). Every time I sit down to read a grown-up book, she’s in my lap insisting on a book about babies and/or bunnies and/or trucks. NOW.



Oh, and she’s writing, too. Check out that pencil grip!


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      • Anonymous
        August 2, 2014

        Really great photos! I still despair that I could not bring all my books when I moved to Wales – I know how she feels!

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