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I spy something….cute!

One exciting development is that Silas is getting better at games. Specifically, he’s beginning to understand information disparities, which are at the heart of both games. The idea that he can think of something and I don’t know what he’s thinking is a new one. In the car one day, we taught him to play “20 Questions.” He’s gotten the hang of answering questions accurately and really thinking about the things. Asking good (helpful) questions is still a ways off. It’s fun to see him think and then say, “I’m ready!” with this smile that tells me that he thinks it’s great to have something in his mind that isn’t shared.

He’s also gotten back into the I Spy books, which we enjoyed when he was around Petra’s age. Now, instead of waiting for me to say, “I spy…,” he proposes things for me to find–and sometimes, they are tricky.

The next thing we’re working on is turn-taking. It’s a challenge. Over the weekend, he played several rounds of Boo Who? with his cousin Olivia. She was frustrated because he kept moving the pieces when he hadn’t even rolled, and also because he didn’t understand that peaking at the pieces was cheating and cheating was bad. I could see his logic–why wouldn’t one look, if one could? Olivia is only nine, and didn’t understand what I meant when I said that Silas was still learning the rules of playing games.

Maybe next year they’ll be able to play a game without a ref.


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