Privileges and responsibilities

As we get closer to Silas’ third birthday, we’re trying to think about behavior expectations that we would like to change or reframe. I’m planning to actually make this part of his birthday present. “Hey, you’re three! You don’t do these baby things anymore…but you do these big boy things instead.” I’m taking pictures of him doing the old things and pairing it with a picture to represent the new thing.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

No sippy cup (I know, I was supposed to trash the sippies a year ago. BUT THEY ARE SO CONVENIENT. I don’t use disposable diapers or wipes. I breastfeed for over a year. GIVE ME MY SIPPIES).

Can get own snacks (we’re going to set up a drawer in the fridge with containers he can open)

No nursery at church.

Can use “quiet bag” during church (the church put together a bunch of them a while ago, so he really likes them).

No more using the little plastic potty–time for the big person, human-style toilet.

There is also one we’ve agreed on, but won’t mention to him. We’re not going to nag him about eating anymore. At dinner, we’ll remind him once that there is no more food until breakfast and leave it at that. Everything I’ve read says that the way to NOT make your kid neurotic about food is to NOT pressure them about it. The parent’s job is to provide healthy, balanced meals; the kid’s job is to eat it–or not.

What rights and responsibilities would you add for a three-year-old?


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