Weekend Reading

  • Anyone who is an artist, a teacher, and/or a teacher of artists absolutely must read this incredible New Yorker essay.
  • This mom shared about her son’s Kindergarten experience and how it led her to homeschooling. Reading it, I completely could picture Silas being exactly like this. He needs so much downtime. When I read it, I felt deeply affirmed in my decision to homeschool at least for the first year.
  • Homeschooling, Part B: Lots of good reasons I don’t want my kids to think of themselves as “the smart kids” in their class (point 1: It’s obnoxious. Point 2: It keeps them from trying hard at things)
  • 350-year-old color photographs…that you’ve seen without knowing it. I just can’t even…I’m in awe of the guy who figured this out and devised a way to test it.
  • Do you walk when you’re trying to work? I worked for a while at a place that had this at the absolute center of its workplace culture. It was one of the best things about that place.
  • Hygge: Yet another Scandinavian thing that you didn’t know you needed. Not available at IKEA. This is 100% what our weekly playdate is for me, and I love it.


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