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A post by a lady who decided that what was really important to her was having the kind of job where she could take her child with her to work. I know another person who made similar demands, and it works well for her. I guess this is sort of what I do, probably 85% of the time, although I’ve been less intentional about it than those two. It’s not for everybody, but if you want to try, this article has lots of pointers.

A really, really smart meditation on #blessed, which I see all over the place.

city.ballet, an awesome webseries documentary on the New York City Ballet is doing a second season! I binge watched the first (it took around an hour–the episodes are 6 minutes long), and am eager to binge the second. It is beautifully shot, and very honest about the struggles and sweat that go into producing something that looks like it was made of spun sugar and dreams.

It turns out that JS Bach’s wife…er… Mrs. Bach (kidding, her name was Anna Magdalena Bach), may have written some of his best stuff (in addition to raising their 20 or whatever children). Very interesting–I don’t know enough about music history to know if this is (1) a revelation, or (2) actually interesting. It may be like the Bach equivalent of “The Duke of West Blahblahshire wrote Shakespeare’s plays,” which is really not an interesting or credible argument in the eyes of most Shakespeare scholars.

A few things I’ve featured on Upworthy recently: D&D group integrates, renewables are doing pretty well, and homelessness sucks.


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