Chicken Little

Every year, we say, “Let’s not bother with baby poultry. So much mess. So much work. Such hassle. Have to find the brood lamp. Have to get some straw…”

I’m just going to add this to our list of “signs of spring,” along with diapers on the clothesline and crocus in the yard.


The kids are super excited about them. Silas very excitedly showed them his new Winne-the-Pooh toothpaste (I guess because they are living in the bathroom?). Petra just wants to cuddle them. Today she said, “I love you, chis!” and kissed one. Silas constantly wants to feed and hold them. They’re getting a lot more handling than other chickens we’ve had in the past. They fought it for the first couple of days, but now they seem resigned, if not overjoyed, to be handled by toddlers.

I love teaching my children about the cycles of life, watching chicks grow up and plants develop. Silas keeps asking if our ducks are going to produce ducklings, but I haven’t seen any activity in that direction yet.

These little fluff balls chirping to each other are making me feel like winter is finally drawing to a close. New life abounds. It’s about time.


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